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Dear Folks,

 My trip back to 1943 is going pretty well so far. The people here are very accommodating. As you know, I am visiting a U.S. Army Air Force base here in England. That's about all I'm allowed to say about my location. They're pretty strict about that.
 One of the guys in my hut was kind enough to offer me a few sheets of this V-Mail* so I can write some letters back home. Everyone here, officers and enlisted men alike, are all just as terrific in person as they were in all the reading I had done. Well, most everyone, anyway. There are always a few disagreeable ones.
 Yesterday, for the first time, I was able to join in on a practice flight aboard a B-17. It was not quite like a real mission but close enough for me. Tonight we have a special mission planned. Our tiny ration of heating coal has been completely used up and a few of us are going out to swipe some more from the coal pile.
 That's all for now.

 Keep 'em Flying,


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*V-Mail, or Victory Mail, was specially formatted stationery introduced during World War II to reduce the shipping volume of mail and make room for much needed supplies. Written V-Mail letters were microfilmed, sent overseas, and then reprinted for delivery. The use of V-Mail was heavily promoted as a morale builder and a patriotic duty.

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